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Big data is already transforming the way we operate businesses. But the real value is not in the large volumes of data, but what we can do with it. The ability of organisations to analyse it and quickly turn it into value is what really makes the difference. At Berenschot Intellerts, we will guide your business through the transformation process and help employ machine learning techniques to find the best answers in data.


Smart Data Consulting

Data is a key asset for a decision-making culture. No matter whether you already have access to huge amounts of data or your data collection systems have been rather sketchy until now, smart data analytics can revolutionise your business. We start with your organisation’s data strategy and depending on your business objectives, draw a roadmap to your organisation’s analytic success.

Advanced Analytics Technologies

Become a real-time predictive organisation by exploiting cutting edge machine learning technologies. We develop advanced data analytics software tools that transform your structured and unstructured data sets into smart insights and feed them back into the fabrics of your organisation to improve processes, fix organisational bottlenecks and create new business opportunities.


Demand Planning in Retail

Predict inventory levels to keep the right stock levels in stores and distribution centres, reduce wastage and out-of-stock. Understand demand patterns created by special offers. Improve staffing and customer service.

Credit Risk Management for Finance

Reduce losses due to credit risks. Optimise the risk and reward choices for individual lending decisions across portfolios easily. Monitor customers throughout their credit risk lifecycle. Improve credit decisions.

Patient Care Optimisation

Ensure patient care quality whilst saving costs at the same time. Ensure the availability of critical data to medical professionals across multiple campuses. Forecast inventory and medications usage and optimise delivery.

Cash Management in Banking

Ensure the right amount of cash in ATMs, branches and vaults. Optimise the entire cash supply chain network to reduce operating costs. Detect anomalies and act proactively. Measure profitability and performance for smarter decision-making.

Spare Parts Planning in Manufacturing

Receive accurate forecasts of required replacement parts based on automatically streaming sensors data. Ensure efficient and productive machine operation. Improve manufacturing and logistics planning.

Predictive Maintenance in Utilities

Predict machine failures and plan maintenance measures accordingly. Significantly reduce the costs of maintaining equipment and ensure its safety. Optimise maintenance schedules.

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